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The Cosmic Library

Four seasons and counting.

Each five-episode season opens doors into and out of literary infinity.

Season 4, The Hall of the Monkey King, thinks about Journey to the West with Julia Lovell, Kaiser Kuo, D. Max Moerman, Xiaofei Tian, and Karen Fang.

Season 3, Mosaic Mosaic, follows tangents prompted by the Hebrew Bible with Joshua Cohen, Elisa Gabbert, Peter Cole, Lisa Feldman Barrett, and Tom DeRose.

Season 2, The Worlds of Scheherazade, talks about 1,001 Nights with Jim Al-Khalili, Yasmine Seale, Katy Waldman, Mazen Naous, and Hearty White.

Season 1, Finnegan and Friends, pursues tangents into and out of Finnegans Wake with Olwen Fouéré, Joshua Cohen, Alok Jha, Jade Wu, Joseph Nugent, Katherine O'Callaghan, and Philip Kitcher,

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