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The Cosmic Library

Podcast of Literary Infinity

The Cosmic Library. brought to you by Lit Hub and Adam Colman, explores massive literary subjects in order to explore everything else. Season one considered Finnegans Wake; in season two, it was 1,001 Nights. In season three, we went through and beyond the Hebrew Bible. Season four: Journey to the West. Season five: short stories in the United States.

Guests include a range of writers, scientists, and performers (poet Elisa Gabbert, physicist Jim Al-Khalili, Pulitzer-winning novelist Joshua Cohen, New Yorker editor Deborah Treisman, actor-director Olwen Fouéré, critic Katy Waldman, translator Yasmine Seale, and many more).

Finnegans Wake, 1,001 Nights, and the Hebrew Bible.

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